Newsletter Vol 1 No 3

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Friends of Green Spring Newsletter

Dedicated to the Opening of a new National Park

Vol. 1, No. 3, Summer 2003

Sun Shines on Green Spring Open House

400 happy visitors see park potential

Lady Frances and Governor Berkeley greet loyal subjects in front of the Ludwell-Lee building

Green Spring set aside its ghostly past for a few hours Sunday afternoon, June
1, 2003 to welcome more than 400 visitors. Governor Sir William Berkeley and
his wife, Lady Frances Berkeley, brilliantly portrayed by John Hamant and Abigail
Schumman, presided grandly over the open house sponsored by the Friends of Green
Spring and Riverside Health System.

After days of rain, sun shone on the meadow where history and the wonders of
archaeology were described by interpreters. Chief Historian Karen Rehm and Archaeologist
Andrew Veech of the Colonial National Historical Park, and members of the Friends’
board, Carol Tyrer, Gayle Randol and Nick Lucceketti captivated hundreds who
toured Green Spring. After sharpening their appetites by walking, visitors enjoyed
a complete barbecue dinner and music by the Blue Ridge Night Crawlers directed
by Bill and Ellen Kelso. Board members Winnie Bryant and Jane Yerkes co-chaired
the Event Committee consisting of President Dan Lovelace, Archie Cannon, Shirley
Williams, Cliff Williams, Rol Collins and Friends’ Administrative Assistant
Tiffany Cutts. Many other volunteers helped set up and worked as receptionists,
bus monitors, Scout guides, table clearers and greeters.

Safety, a major concern on Centerville Road, was assured by James City Police
Officers Brian Staton and Bill Lent, and CNHP Rangers Hirma Barber and Ken Doak.
Water for the dinner came from the Fire Station on Alternate 5, courtesy of
District Chief Mark Hill and Captain John Galganski. VDOT came through by mowing
the roadside earlier than scheduled.

Taking advantage of a small window of clear weather on May 27, CNHP maintenance,
headed by Skip Brooks and Henry Campbell, performed wonders on the soggy site
of chest-high grass and standing water that threatened to mire equipment. Wind
nearly carried away the large tent on Saturday and limited displays, but to
CNHP Superintendent Alec Gould and all who worked on the open house, it was
a happy day in the continuing saga of opening Green Spring to the public for
education and enjoyment.

Hats off to Riverside!

Give credit where credit is due, is an old and true axiom. The Friends of Green
Spring must tell you that the open house held on June 1 could not have occurred on the scale it was
without the support of Riverside Health System.

Bud Ramey, vice president of Corporate Communications, and Ron Reid, public
relations consultant to Riverside, turned a modest event into one-of-a-kind
for Green Spring. Riverside not only supported the Friends financially, but
provided expertise in planning and preparing the invitations and information
booklets given to all who attended.

Riverside Health System is the owner and operator of Patriot’s Colony,
many of whose residents are National Park Service volunteers and donors to the
Friends of Green Spring. Green Spring and Patriot’s Colony are next-door

Green Sprint Park Update

Volunteers make Open House successful

George and Fay Anderson, Shirley Williams and Tiffany Cutts check reservations of arrivals at Jamestown High School.

Bus Monitors Barbara and Woody Teele and coordinator Archie Cannoon look over maps given to visitors boarding buses for Green Spring.

Bus Monitors Trist McConnell and Rol Collins welcome visitors as they arrive by bus from Jamestown High School.

President Dan Lovelace delivers a commercial for Green Spring during dinner band break.

Visitors peer into the cold and deep water of Green Spring while listening to Dr. Andrew Veech.

CNHP Archeologists Andrew Veech explains discoveries at the springhouse: Was the building a laundry or a small brewery?

Thought once to have been a “gaol” (jail) for Bacon rebels, the Ludwell-Lee building is really from the 18th century, CNHP Chief Historian Karen Rehm explains.

James River Institute Archaeologist Nick Lucceketti explains exploratory archaeology underway to discover ruins of the Berkeley and later mansions.

A Moment in Time

Lady Frances: “Beautiful and Proud”

A Formidable Wife to Three Governors

“An important event in (Governor
Berkeley’s) personal life took place
in 1670, when he married Frances
Culpeper Stephens. She was thirty
years his junior, the widow of Samuel
Stephens, whose family had been prominent
in Virginia since 1623. The exact
date of the wedding is not known.
Samuel Stephens had been a member
of the Virginia Council and the second
Governor of Albemarle (North and South
Carolina), and his widow followed the
example of her mother-in-law and married
the current Governor of Virginia
within a few months of her first husband’s

Her contemporaries said that she was beautiful and proud. Her
portrait, painted a decade after her second marriage, presents a graceful,
stately woman with regular but heavy features, a lady more impressive and
formidable than pleasant and attractive. It is significant of her pride that
her tombstone bears the title “Lady” though she should have dropped the
title when she married Philip Ludwell after Berkeley’s death. Whatever her
nature, she gave Governor Berkeley her whole-hearted support during the
last difficult years of his life and defended him after his death. Whenever
he mentioned her name, he expressed affectionate regard for her and complete
confidence in her judgment.”

From Ms. Jane Carson’s 1951 Doctoral Dissertation (University of Virginia), entitled Sir William
Berkeley, Governor of Virginia: A Study in Colonial Policy.

Transcription of Lady Frances Berkeley’s last known personal letter, dated
May 31st, 1695.

To Sir Abstrupus Danby

Sir Ap,

I believe both our letters miscarried last year, for I wrote to you about a plantation of your father’s called Buck
Row which I am sure he never sold, but I am informed that Sir Thomas Danby empowered
Mr. William Batt. Here is a friend of mine going home, Col. Hartwell, who is
our Counsel (you have seen him in England). I desire when you are in town you
will renew your acquaintance with him, and if this affair is worth preserving,
you may know who is in present possession and everything that concerns Virginia.
[?] named one Mr. Harrison for your attorney And lawyer, and if you proceed
in it he will tell you Mr. Harrison’s county, which I cannot. I was in hope
to have come to you in his and his lady’s company, but I could not bring it
to pass, Yet it shall be [in the?] next shipping. I have lost my dear brother
(Alexander Culpeper, who died in 1694), but as long as God preserves your life
(which I hope will be to a great age), I shall believe I have a friend who is
to be valued as brother, son, and everything that is worthy of the esteem and
love of your humble servant and affectionate cousin,

F Berkeley

News Briefs

Jamestown High School perfect starting place

Principal Cypress and School Board Member Mary Minor made it possible for the
Friends of Green Spring to use the campus for parking, information and bus transportation.

Barbecue Dinner pleases guests

George Pulley of North Carolina and his crew of ten earned many compliments
from open house guests. Mr. Pulley competes in national barbecue cook offs,
most recently in Memphis.

Green Spring Open House for the people

In planning the first-ever open house at Green Spring, the Friends’ Board
of Directors decided it would be a people’s event, not a fund-raiser,
and priced attendance accordingly. We hoped to break even. With Riverside’s
help, we did that and better!

Green Spring returned to its slumber

When everyone had gone, the tent and portables removed, the trash carried away
by the Park Service, Green Spring returned to its mysterious, ghostly quiet.
Wild turkeys came out to pick at the new mown grass. Deer popped out of woodlands
to graze in the meadows. Green Spring everlasting.

Park Watch Patrol will pick and picnic October 11

By fall, Centerville Road through Green Spring will be trashed again by callous
motorists. Park Watch members will correct that by having their fall pick up
and picnic at 10 a.m. Saturday, October 11. Anyone wanting to be trained as
a member should contact Cliff Williams at 253-7867.

Memberships available in Friends of Green Spring

For as little as $35, supporters can buy into opening Green Spring to the public.
Details are in the newsletter insert.

Green Spring Plan approval by year’s end

Opening Green spring to the American people several years from now will be a
momentous event, in essence a new national park. Colonial National Historical
Park, of which Green Spring is part, expects final approval for its plan later
this year. The plan calls for opening the west side first.

Friends of the National Park Service for Green Spring, Inc.

Board of Directors:


Daniel D. Lovelace


Randy Smith

Vice President

Donald S. Buckless


Robert W. Hershberger


Clifford R. Williams

Advisory Council Chairman


Professor Warren M. Billings

Winnie Bryant

M/G Archie S. Cannon, Jr. (Ret.)

Rol Collins

Loretta J. Hannum

Nicholas M. Luccketti

Trist B. McConnell

Samuel G. Poole

Gayle K. Randol

Marc B. Sharp

Randy Smith

Richard G. Smith

Bob Taylor

Carol D. Tyrer

Jane Yerkes

Friends of the National Park

Service for Green Spring, Inc.

P.O. Box 779

Williamsburg VA 23187

Phone: (757) 221-0800


Daniel Lovelace

Clifford R. Williams



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